Monday, February 9, 2009

T-Shirt Design Edited Slightly

So I had all those T-shirts set up in the shop and I guess when the first couple were ordered Spreadshirt realized that the design needed to be edited before they could fulfill. Would have been nice to know when I first submitted. Anyway the deal is this... when they print out these transfers the design can't be overly complicated because these are cut out by hand. So the ribbon off the umbrellas, etc. were causing the problems. So I went back real quick and dropped the design in a green oval. I hope this will be o.k. Of course the original was better looking, but I had to make the change. I "think" I set up all the same product I had originally. If you notice a shirt that was there, but isn't now just let Christie know and she'll pass along to me (Kenn). Sorry about all the confusion.